Smart HDD


Smart HDD is a new malicious application that pretends being system defragmenter while it has no ability to perform any of its functions. The program is based on imitating things and creating an illusion your system has some critical hard drive errors. Smart HDD offers purchasing its license and activating it on your system so it could fix all your problems.

Smart HDD infiltrates to computers through Trojans and once there is configured to start automatically every time computer boots. Smart HDD runs computer scan and state that your system has lots of hard drive issues including RAM memory problems. After this, the program says that you must purchase Smart HDD so that the program could deal with all the infections.

In addition, you will receive tons of security notifications and pop up messages stating about more critical errors occurring on your system. These alerts also attempt to convince you into purchasing Smart HDD. Last but not least, it will block many of your legitimate programs and state either that they are infected or Windows cannot find it. In any case, it only wants you to purchase Smart HDD.

Please get rid of Smart HDD as soon as you detect it on your computer. It’s a dangerous program that must be removed as soon as possible. This is a Video tutorial on removing smart HDD infection.

2 Responses to “Smart HDD”

  1. Mark says:

    How do you get rid of it?

  2. Ugnius says:

    the easiest way to remove smart HDD is to download reputable spyware remover. You can you bundle of Spyware Doctor and Spyhunter. manual removal instruction can be found here: but it is a complicated process.