Smart Protection 2012


Smart Protection 2012 is a not the one that you should fall for. In reality it’s a dangerous virus that manages to come inside the system without any permission asked. For that, it uses trojans virus that also makes some modifications helping the malware launch once computer is rebooted. In addition, Smart Protection 2012 starts seeking your attention and displays continuous alerts that all report the same thing: your PC is infected and you need to purchase the licensed version of Smart Protection 2012. As you can see, this cyber threat is a sneaky program imitating functionality of normal security application. Please, ignore these alerts and never purchase licensed, registered, full or whatever it is called version.

Smart Protection 2012 is designed by one group of the scammers that try to get users’ money in all ways they can. For that, it is designed to display only misleading facts about the status of your computer and interrupt every time you start using your PC. In addition, it has also been noticed to disable all security programs found on the PC and disconnect infected PC from the Internet connection. Please, make sure you remove Smart Protection 2012 from your PC without any delay.

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