Smart Protector


Smart Protector is fake security software which uses the name of a legit SmartSoft product, called anti-virus Smart Protector Pro. The aim of pretending to be this application is the money from trustful computer users who believe their PCs are heavily infected and SmartProtector will definitely help. However, in reality this tool is neither capable to scan the computer nor to delete some infections. What is more, it is designed to act in opposite way and slows down your PC performance or interrupts PC work.
Smart Protector is very good at imitating to scan the computer system. It starts loading the alerts about different spyware and viruses detected which are known to be nothing but harmless files. After showing falsified results, this scam aggressively advertises “full” Smart Protector version which is not worth any sum of money. What you should really do, is remove all the files, connected to Smart Protector immediately.

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