Smart Security


Many computer users have recently complained about Smart Security, rogue anti-spyware which seems to be still alive and active. Being a typical malware, Smart Security should be removed from the infected computer immediately after detection, no matter how convincing it acts. This scam is capable to imitate system scanning actions and shows a great number of tricky messages, pop-ups and notifications trying to convince its victims that their computers are infected. As a solution, Smart Security classically offers to purchase its “registered” version for detected viruses’ removal.

In fact, scan of Smart Security is nothing else but a flash image with pre-determined viruses reported. Malware is also known to apply different techniques trying to promote itself onto a potential victim’s computer and usually does that unexpectedly for the user. Well, if this scamware has already infected your computer, you should remove Smart Security as soon as possible. Please, use a reputable anti-spyware and fix your computer immediately.

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