Smart Security


Smart Security is one more annoying rogue program that uses destructive methods in order to infect computer systems and steal money from computer users. Smart Security works just like another fake anti-spyware program Security Tool and even its GUI is very similar to the GUI of a mentioned program. Smart Security  is considered to change Security Tool malware.

The most common way Smart Security uses to infect is with a help of Trojans which can infiltrate completely unnoticeably and together install Smart Security application. As soon as the program is installed it starts dominating in your system by changing some entries in your Registry. The changes are followed by a bunch of pop ups that show up while you a browsing the Internet or running any computer program. These pop ups state that your system contain some spyware infections and suggests purchasing Smart Security in order to get rid of them.

Note that such messages have nothing in common with true situation of your computer so you have to simply ignore them. The same has to be said about the scanner of Smart Security as it is fake just like the security notifications by Smart Security. You will probably see it running every time you restart your computer and every time the same situation will told. You will receive a list of infections that supposedly is harming your system, but in reality it is a false information.

Please get rid of Smart Security program after you first notice its presence on your system. Do not pay for cyber criminals voluntarily.

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