Smart Virus Eliminator


If it happens for you to install Smart Virus Eliminator one day, soon you will find your computer messed up. SmartVirusEliminator is just another malicious anti-spyware, which urgently tries to fool innocent Internet users into purchasing this useless application.
Smart Virus Eliminator is created to spread itself secretly and Trojans, fake codecs or malicious websites are used for doing this successfully. Right after that, the parasite starts pretending to scan PC system and issues misleading scanning results to make people think their computers are infected with tons of viruses.  Also the parasite strives to scare the users and make them believe purchasing the commercial version of Smart Virus Eliminator is needed immediately. However, all the alerts provided by this parasite are false. In truth, the only thing which should be done  is removing Smart Virus Eliminator as soon as possible.

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