If you want to download totally useless software, choose SmartFixer. It’s one of fake security tools that flood the internet today. SmartFixer is a malware, but it is advertised as anti spyware. Needless to say it doesn’t have one function that regular anti spyware has.
SmartFixer displays fabricated error reports and that’s about all it can do. The ‘error reports’ are made to scare people into purchasing the full version of this malware. Both trial and full versions of SmartFixer can’t detect nor remove computer infections. SmartFixer is just a scam to gain a purchase.
Luckily, SmartFixer is not capable of infecting computers, but its download is available on web. Do not download nor buy SmartFixer! It’s a waste of time and money. If you already have this malware on your computer, use SmartFixer removal to get rid of it.

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