– an interesting name and annoying redirections

by looks like a typical website that offers you to improve your search sessions. However, after a closer look it becomes obvious that it relies on malicious browser hijacker, which makes users visit this domain against their desire. Besides, it has been noticed to modify browser settings and insert this annoying redirect plug-in to make users’ search sessions totally annoying. If your search engine similarly redirects your search results to, I highly recommend checking your computer for a browser hijacker.

]The biggest chance  to get this redirect virus is visiting unknown websites that contain dangerous items or falling to download infected files on your computer. Even if you have a good anti-malware program, you may get infected with this browser hijacker and start finding yourself on or other websites that have nothing to do with your normal search results. Besides, you may start seeing lots of advertisements and pop-up ads when you browse, and system slow downs when starting to use your computer. As you can see, redirect virus means serious problems for you and your computer. I would highly recommend using this removal guide if you find yourself redirected to this domain.

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