Soft Cop


Soft Cop must be considered as the rogue anti-spyware application that uses tricky tactics to get into the compromised PC and steal its owner’s money. SoftCop usually loads fabricated system scanners and false alerts about hundreds of cyber infections found and informs that their removal is urgently needed. Classically, for deleting all the invented parasites, the “full” version of Soft Cop is offered and a current sum of money is required. It must be published, that this program just poses to be capable to detect and remove all the malware from the computer’s system. In reality Soft Cop is a useless application that will make only negative influence to the machine.

SoftCop breaks into the PC’s system without any notice of a user. That’s because of Trojans parasites that usually use the backdoor of the system with a reason to get in successfully. When in, the program starts posing to scan the computer for viruses and hundreds of them are detected. Soft Cop produces bogus security alerts that usually look like this one:

“Spyware Alert!
Your computer is infected with spyware. It could damage your critical files or expose your private data on the Internet. Click here to register your copy of SoftCop and remove spyware threats from your PC.”

Don’t take none of them serious because these alerts are supposed only to scare and make you think about purchasing the “licensed” version of Soft Cop. If it happends for you to get security notification from Soft Cop, you must remmember that here is the only parasite in your computer which is Soft Cop. Save your money and delete the trialware of SoftCop without any doubt!

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