Soft Soldier


Soft Soldier is a rogue anti-spyware program, a total clone of other fake security programs that have been released by “famous” WiniSoft group. This typical malicious application has a similar design and uses the same fraudulent tactics just like its relatives Trust Soldier or Trust Fighter. Undoubtedly, SoftSoldier was created only to make trustful users believe their PCs are heavily infected and legitimate and trustworthy program is urgently needed. However, neither unregistered version of SoftSoldier, nor the “licensed” one will detect and remove any kind of cyber threat. This rogue just pretends to be spyware remover and only reports infections that are invented by the same scam.
Soft Soldier breaks into poorly protected machines via trojans’ help. After settling down, rogue anti-spyware starts displaying fake system scanners. Fabricated scan results are usually given and they all notify about hundreds of Trojans and other malware detected. This information is displayed only with one reason – to push you into purchasing the scam. Don’t! Instead of supporting the scammers, please remove Soft Soldier!

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