Soft Stronghold


Soft Stronghold is an application that belongs to the famous rogue anti-spywares’ family WiniSoft. Its relative programs Soft Cop, Trust Soldier or Soft Veteran has infected a great number of computers and this time Soft Stronghold is expected to do the same malicious job. Similarly to its forerunners, this scareware uses sophisticated tactics to make people think their PCs are infected and buying its “licensed” version is urgent. The reality is that SoftStronghold is not capable to detect any infection and it must be uninstalled before the computer is damaged. To know if your computer is infected by this malware, pay your attention to every step that is written below.
Soft Stronghold comes to the compromised computer without any permission. Trojans viruses are used by this scam to infect the system successfully and download additional malware that is needed. Just after being installed, Soft Stronghold drops some registry keys and creates the files that are harmless. These files later are detected as infections after the fake scan is over. Hundreds of annoying pop-up ads, security notifications and alerts are showed for the user that are expected to scare him. Classically, Soft Stronghold informs the user that its trialware is not capable to remove any of these infected files and offers purchasing its “full” version for cleaning the computer. However, saving your money would be much wiser because this program can even ruin your computer’s system. Please, use a reputable anti-spyware and clean all the files, connected to Soft Stronghold.

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