Software Protector


Software Protector (also called as SW Protector) is a typical rogue anti-spyware which will ask 49.95$ for its useless licensed version. Software Protector uses popular methods for pushing people into paying for it and begins everything with its secret infiltration. Mostly, program gets unnoticed inside the PC with a help of Trojans and then starts to mislead its victims.

When inside, SoftwareProtector shows itself on deceitful warning messages that claim your PC is in danger. As soon as it becomes active, malware scans computer for viruses and then reports about hundreds of them detected. SW Protector will continuously and quite annoyingly suggest you to purchase the full its version for the removal of malware that in fact is invented. Software Protector may also redirect you to its malicious, where the same “licensed” version is offered to be purchased.

Do NOT buy Software Protector as it is known to be useless and in truth has no spyware detection or removal engine. It’s highly recommended to get rid of Software Protector’s unregistered version with all its Trojans and ensure your computer remains clean.

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