Some things I’ve found after testing virus


Some days ago I received an email from one of my followers asking me about virus and its removal. Of course, I had already been familiar with these discussions on the Internet reporting about continuous infiltration of this redirect virus and its complicated removal. However, I had never had this virus on my computer, so I decided to get a sample without any delay and test this virus by myself.

This virus came on my computer via misleading advertisement that offered downloading ValueApps and saving my money. After clicking several ‘Next’ buttons and installing this application on my computer, I also let hijack my browsers. As you must have already realized, you should never repeat that if you want to avoid such browser hijackers. It’s always recommended paying more attention when downloading free apps from the Internet and unchecking these check boxes that warn about system changes and installation of additional software.

As soon as virus entered my computer, I realized how annoying this search engine is: browsing is filled with continuous pop-up notifications, search results are altered and so on.. Sometimes it seems that you can’t enter a website without seeing sponsored advertisement, which is clearly expected to help its creators earn some easy money. Besides, after reading its ‘Privacy Policy’, I found that its owners collect information about people’s search terms, browser’s type and similar data. It’s dangerous and can hardly be tolerated!

To sum up, I highly recommend avoiding such browser hijackers like this one. If your computer has already been infected, you should remove virus from it ASAP.

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