Spy Sniper


Spy Sniper is a misleading product which declares to be an award winning spyware, malware and adware detector, remover and shield. It is promoted to detect and eliminate tens of thousands hidden programs, but in truth it is scam. SpySniper just pretends to scan the PC system and it seeks to fool you by reporting about the parasites detected. In truth, all the results after scanning the PC are fabricated and the files, which were told to be infected, are necessary for the computer.
Spy Sniper installs itself to the computer using either malicious websites, such as www.spy-spniper.com, www.sniperspy.com or Trojans. These viruses mostly come to the PC using security vulnerabilities or after downloading fake video codecs. This program should not be trusted and Spy Sniper must be removed as soon as possible.

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