Most recent security vulnerability discovered in popular web browser IE lead to huge infection of Corrupt Antispyware tools Spyaxe and Winhound. If you see blinking icon on your system tray and messages that you are infected when you are infected for sure, but do not purchase that program which you see in the messages. These messages ARE THE INFECTION. Here is the instructions to remove spyaxe: SpyAxe removal instructions More spyware news read on 2-spyware.com website. Aditionally you can read lots of individual spyaxe removal ways on spyware removal forum

One Response to “Spyaxe”

  1. Barbara says:

    I just finished running Xoftspy and It seem to have removed SpyAXE fairly well. At least the false security messages have ended for the time being. I can not seem to get my home page reset back. I didn’t notice this mentioned in the prior comments. Did anyone have this issue? and if so how was it resolved?