SpyBurner is another version of FileSecure, used to get money from unsuspecting victims that fall for "best anti-spyware" trap over and over again. Pushed through their weak looking website spyburner.com and trojans, the product claims to be "cutting-edge anti-spyware solution" Well, its neither cutting-edge neither anti-spyware solution. Just another rogue, what can be expected.

They haven't bothered to set up a real (or at least looking real) payment processor on their website and its clear that all the credit card information is stored in their data for future malicious use. Pay on billingserviceonline.com only if you want to give away all your credit card money to people that infect your PC and inflict your privacy rights.
More information on SpyBurner removal.

One Response to “SpyBurner”

  1. Louisa says:

    I have puchased stupidly the XP AntiVirus software as it looked fine. I have now changed my credit card details as it is a rouge software programme. Please be aware of it and be very careful not to order anything of the internet as it leaves your PC with a trojan which will read your card numbers and use it. It comes up on your statement under billingserviceonline.com. I have lost £95.00 and am not sure if my bank will be able to retrieve it. Anyone know how to remove this pest from my pc? Please help !!!!