SpyCrush started its activity in early 2007, later its spreading slowed down and only in June we caught new wave of SpyCrush infections. SpyCrush is a corrupt security tool that is advertised by the same named trojan. SpyCrush anti-spyware is not functional; it only pretends to scan a computer and of course it can not detect any serious threats. However SpyCrush trojan displays fake security warnings and prompts to buy the anti-spyware as the only solution to clean a computer. Follow SpyCrush removal to get rid of it.

I published manual removal information of most popular nasty parasites including SpyCrush. Please check the SpyCrush removal instructions. Information is published under the separate TAB called "Removal Info".

Also I have published additional resouces regarding Spy Crush. Its on the separate TAB called "More Sources". Some of them have manual and automated removal instructions, some advices, Some discussions, some software descriptions.
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Another similar name of this parasite is SpyCrusher. its the same parasite, simple derivation of the name.

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