SpyDefender 2010


SpyDefender 2010 is a bogus security tool that pretends to be a useful antispyware program. The program is infiltrated to computers with a help of Trojan viruses which are meant to redirect computer user to malicious websites that offer trying out computer scanner. Once you are redirected to one of the malicious websites, it will imitate performing system scan for viruses. Finally, the program will state that it has detected a bunch of different infections and recommend purchasing a full version of Spy Defender 2010 in order to fix that.

When SpyDefender 2010 is installed to computer, it also may run its own fake scanner and report about infections that don’t exist just to convince the user into purchasing the fake program. Besides, the program may cause tons of other annoying consequences such as fabricated pop up ads and security notifications warning about infections and promoting Spy Defender 2010 as a tool to get rid of them.

You must remove SpyDefender 2010 immediately after noticing it on your system. Run system scan with a reputable antispyware program or use removal instructions of SpyDefender 2010 to eliminate infection manually. Most importantly, never purchase Spy Defender 2010 as you will only lose your money.

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