SpyDestroy is fake anti-spyware tool. It tries to push people into buying a license of this program by loading fabricated security alerts. Spy Destroy reports various infections and generously offers deleting the supposedly detected threats after user pays for a full version of the software. Since SpyDestroy is one of many rogue security tools, you can easily guess that it is not different from the others. It detects nonexistent threats, it takes money for a full version which is never ever activated and it doesn’t provide cyber protection because it can only load pop-ups. Do not waste your time and $29.95 for this fraudulent program! Remove SpyDestroy with no hesitation.

Spy Destroy malware may take over web browser and redirect victims to a website that distributes SpyDestroy. Don’t trust sources that promote SpyDestroy; remove this malware and browser hijacker will be gone as well.

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