SpyEraser is a fake anti-spyware program that can be installed on your computer without asking your permission or making any notification. This application gives an illusion of scanning your PC, though actually it doesn’t scan or delete any infections. Then SpyEraser states that your computer is infected. In the end, it gives you the only option – to purchase licensed version of the program so you can clean the infections. You have to reject any of such suggestions in order to keep you computer safe.

However, if you think that you are already infected by this malware, you have to get rid of SpyEraser immediately. This scam will not only make your computer run slower, but it can also download other malware which will cause different problems. SpyEraser may even affect your web browser and in this way give you more difficulties in using the Internet.

SpyEraser is not a program ensuring your system security. It’s only one more malware giving you false scan results and warning notifications.

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