Spyfalcon is another Corrupt antispyware program which behaves like most infamous antispyware program Spyaxe. This program is installed by a trojan and shows blinking Icon in system tray. Message looks like system message and says that you are infected with spyware. Yes you are infected – this message is the infection. Click on the message lead to the Spyfalcon antispyware. Please avoid this product. If you see blinking icon and adverts of spyFalcon please use these spyfalcon removal instructions

4 Responses to “SpyFalcon”

  1. Ozzy says:

    These rouge antispyware programs are a hazzard and they are onloy promoted by the google ads.

  2. Dale says:

    I cannot remove spyfalcon. I fallowed the instructions from 4 sites and it is still on my computer. I connot find the registry of files that I am suposed to delete. Can you help?

  3. use spy doctor says:

    use spy doctor

  4. COLIN says:

    i got spyfalcon on my computer.i removed it, but the only place i have it now is as a home page. i havw google set in tools. when finished with a site i click home page and end up in spyfalcon warning page. how do i get this of my computer. colin