SpyLocked is brand new corrupt spyware remover, a clone of the infamous VirusBurst and Spyware Quake risks. It's actually the same program. It has identical interface and installs same files. Even scan reports do not differ from prior rogues. SpyLocked is illegally installed by the same named trojan, which is usually dropped by widely spread fake video codecs. This parasite hijacks the web browser and displays fake security alert that ask to purchase the corrupt program. SpyLocked has already gone wild. Lots of computers are compromised. If your system is one of them, don't panic. Don't purchase SpyLocked, because it's useless, no matter what fake alerts say. Consider using up-to-date anti-spyware software or working through manual SpyLocked removal instructions. You can also use this detailed SpyLocked Removal Guide.

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  1. SpyLocker says:

    […] Spylocker is one more corrupt antispyware tool which name was derived from infamous spylocked antispyware. Some security sites call spylocker as the worst spyware ever. Basically its a fake antispyware tool, it scans your systems and finds lots of infections. This called scare tactics to make user to purchase the program. Spylocker is installed by a trojan zlob. It acts the same as other rogue antispyware products from this family act: users start to get a message which looks like windows notification message and it tells that you are infected with spyware. Slight differences are that this product waits few days after the infection, and then starts to act. Because of that users dont know the exact time they were infected with spylocker. Its possible to remove this parasite manually, but it tries to recreate itself after reboot, so you need to remove all traces of spywarelocker from the system. Automatic remover for SpyLocker Read manual removal instructions for SpyLocker When removing spyware such as SpyLocker the course of action to detect and delete processes, registry keys, DLL files and other malicious files from your computer. […]

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