SpyShredder is another fake security tool that can harm your computer instead of making it better. SpyShredder can do serious damage to a machine and convince people that they need an anti spyware. It also displays advertising pop-ups that casino online suggest to buy SpyShredder as anti-spyware. Don't step into this trap! SpyShredder anti-spyware is pretty useless; furthermore, if you buy SpyShredder, you'll pay for the same people that infected your computer from the first. It might download and install other malwares as well, so you should remove SpyShredder as soon as possible.

One Response to “SpyShredder”

  1. Paul says:

    Spyshredder made it so that I cannot change my desktop wallpaper. I cannot restore my system either to any day in the past month or two. It’s caused a lot of damage, although it should at this point be removed.

    I need someone to give a new answer on how to get the desktop wallpaper back up, because I’ve read a load of answers, none have worked so far for me.