Spyware, Adware and Malware – Is it the same?


There are number of spyware names on Internet, and people are confused if all those programs are the same thing or it’s totally different programs. In fact there programs are different but all of them has the same property-they are unwanted on your PC.
Adware sometimes is very annoying. This kind of program pop annoying ad windows while you’re surfing online. It is advertising-supported software and displays ads.
There are also legal adware. It’s good side is that adware can give programmers a profit which helps to motivate them to write, maintain, and upgrade valuable software. But after all it’s unwanted program because of it’s annoying behavior. If you try to remove adware it may cause a lot of problems. It’s because ofter adware is bundled with some programs and the programs without adware may stop working or will work improperly.
More dangerous program is spyware. This program records your personal information such as passwords, keystrokes, etc. Spyware has a lot pf names because it is often sold as surveillance tool.
Spyware works without users knowledge. It records every your activity on PC. It even doesn’t need Internet for spying. It dangerous because spyware can record your credit cards number and use for it’s own purpose.
If we talk about malware we must highlight that this is slang for deliberately harmful software. This software disrupts computer system. Virus, trojan horse, some advertising softwares might be considered as malware.
So in simple words malware is created to damage your computer system and to block it’s normal functionering.
Let me give you a valuable advice – Before you install some software read the End User License Agreement and only then either press OK or get rid of this software. It’s important because this agreement shows the intents of software creator.

More information about differences between various spyware definitions and their behaviour you can read at spyware removal website.

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