Spyware Isolator


SpywareIsolator is not an anti-spyware as you might assume after reading its name. Spyware Isolator is a corrupt anti-spyware which means it doesn’t work like anti-spyware but it takes your money anyway. SpywareIsolator spreads like malware, because it is a malware. Computer owners can’t choose if they want this fake anti-spyware aboard: SpywareIsolator is installed secretly by trojans. Once it infects a machine, Spyware Isolator offers a computer protection for a certain fee. Do not purchase SpywareIsolator!

This application uses aggressive tactics to push people into buying a license of SpywareIsolator. Don’t trust Spyware Isolator; all the reports and alerts it loads are falsified. Remove SpywareIsolator with no regrets.

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