Spyware Protection 2010


Spyware Protection 2010 is one of the recent security threats that spread on the Internet and infect random computer systems. It imitates an antivirus tool but in fact is completely useless and doesn’t perform any action. The main tactics Spyware Protection 2010 is to make computer user think his system is badly infected and then make him purchase Spyware Protection 2010 in order to remove malicious threats.

Beware that it’s a malicious program and do not pay for it under any circumstances. Otherwise your credit card will be charged without providing any service for that. Besides all malicious actions will remain and keep bothering you every time you log in to Windows.

Basically, Spyware Protection 2010 will be launching its fake scanner and imitating looking for infections. Once the scan finishes, it will generate a list of infections and recommend removing them by downloading and installing a full version of Spyware Protection 2010. An important note is that you have to pay for it before you are allowed to activate it. This way, the creators of Spyware Protection 2010 receives money and you, unfortunately, get nothing but destroyed computer system.

If you have noticed the activity of Spyware Protection 2010 on your system, make sure to get rid of it as soon as possible. Most importantly, do not reveal your credit card details for its creators. Take a look at the removal instructions of Spyware Protection 2010 for a more detailed guided how to deal with this infection.

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