Spyware Protector


Spyware Protector represents new wave of corrupt security programs. It uses intimidating screensaver besides other tactics employed to scare people into purchasing fake anti-spyware.

SpywareProtector loads plenty of pop-ups trying to convince users that a computer is full of infections. If user clicks of such a pop-up, Spyware Protector offers paid version of this tool for deleting malwares. The problem is that Spyware Protector is not an anti-spyware. They take the money, but users get no software in return.

Spyware Protector displays annoying screensaver with bugs crawling all over the monitor. The screensaver is also used to display fake security reports.

Do not trust a thing loaded by Spyware Protector. Use Spyware Protector removal right after you notice presence of this malware on your machine.

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