Spyware Scanner 2008


Would you like to scan your computer for spyware and viruses? Pay attention to the name of software offering you a scan. Many rogue and fraudulent tools lure victim this way. SpywareScanner2008 may act like a regular security tool, but it is a scam. SpywareScanner 2008 simulates scanning a computer and fabricates scan reports full of trojans and other infections. Do not trust this program! Spyware Scanner 2008 attacks user with loads of fake security warnings and offers full version of this ‘security tool’ which will supposedly remove the threats. Avoid this fraud at all costs.

SpywareScanner 2008 is a computer parasite. One can easily check this out by trying to uninstall SpywareScanner2008; he or she will find out that Spyware Scanner 2008 doesn’t go away unless genuine anti-spyware scan is run. This malware can also be deleted manually; use SpywareScanner 2008 removal if this fraud hits your computer.

One Response to “Spyware Scanner 2008”

  1. there are literally tons of spywares and viruses lurking on the internet so we should always be careful when donwloading stuffs`:~