Spyware XP Guard


Spyware XP Guard is fake security software, usually trying to convince people to buy “licensed” product which will definitely help them to get rid of parasites detected on the PC. But you must remember that this scareware is worthless and you really don’t need this rogue.

Spyware XP Guard uses tactic which was applied by many malwares: spreads itself with a help of Trojans, displays absolutely fabricated system scanners, list fraudulent files and malicious programs (rootkits, spyware, Trojans, worms and other) that have been supposedly found on your PC. After that it is normal to show you Spyware XP Guard commercial version which requires money to be paid first. Needless to say, this trick is made for you to waste your money for this malware. You must remember that this rogue antivirus is dangerous software and Spyware XP Guard should be removed once it was seen on your PC.

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