SpywareStop is fraudulent program and it’s a big threat to everyone who surfs the web. Spyware Stop managed to place its advertisement on plenty of websites; it’s highly possible that many people will download SpywareStop voluntarily because of the fake ads. Although it’s promoted in many places, this doesn’t make SpywareStop a genuine anti spyware. Spyware Stop is a scam; do not download nor buy this malware.

Remove SpywareStop as soon as possible. It can’t be uninstalled from a machine because it’s a computer parasite. If SpywareStop was a security tool for real, removing it won’t be a problem. Use SpywareStop removal to deal with this scam.

One Response to “SpywareStop”

  1. Richard Lambert says:

    I have read your review regarding SpywareStop as I am having problems with this program ie- unable to register product useing the supplied serial number, allthough I have been able to uninstall it without any obvious problems.

    What gaurantee do I have that your removal tool is not in fact a rouge application or malware parasite.