Why you should stay away from File Restore virus


We have seen many different fake optimization tools, so the appearance of File Restore is not surprising thing. I highly recommend ignoring all alerts got from this threat and remove it as soon as it starts displaying them. What happens if you leave this fake defragmenter on your computer? You will be bombarded by its pop-ups and hard drive scanners, infected with more dangerous viruses and may even have your commercial or personal data stolen from your machine. Basically, File Restore is designed to steal the money from users, so you must stay away from it and ignore its offers to purchase File Restore’s license.

File Restore is distributed by exploiting security vulnerabilities found on the system. You can get infected together with fake updates, video codecs, freeware or other malware. I could say that the more curious web surfer you are, the bigger chances you can fall for this threat. Once infiltrated your computer’s system, File Restore modifies some parameters of the system and installs its files helping it to start displaying tons of pop-up ads and hard drive scanners every single time you start using your PC.

Typically, File Restore reports problems with your hard drive that are all fake, so you should never worry about these errors potentially disrupting your computer’s work. In order to stop it, you must simply remove File Restore from your computer. I highly recommend using this File Restore removal guide to do that without fail.

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