by is a domain used by computer hackers in order to promote their created rogue antispyware program – Security Suite. It’s not a safe site and it should be considered as the one to stay clear of. Actually, you are usually redirected to this kind of website. So you don’t even need to visit it by yourself. Most of the times, your system, first, gets infected with Security Suite and then one of the consequences is redirections to

Once you are there you are pushed into purchasing Security Suite program as a tool to fix your security protection. Before that, you are told that your system is badly infected with tons of different infections so you badly need some program to get rid of that.

You must stay clear of any suggestions from as once you pay for Security Suite, you can say goodbye to your money. Your credit card will definitely be charged but you get no program, simply because Security Suite doesn’t exist like a security tool.

For this reason, if you have noticed any signs of Security Suite on your computer or/and if you get redirections to you must do all it takes to get rid of this parasite. Remove Security Suite by downloading a reputable antispyware program or manually stopping and removing its processes.


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