Sunday fakevimes virus: Windows Be-on Guard edition


As everyday we have different name for the virus. Now its called Windows Be-on Guard edition. These names are so silly that I am surprised how people are tricked into believing that it is a reputable anti-spyware software. Windows Be-on Guard edition is just another parasite with the same graphic user interface and same removal instructions as more than 50 parasites from fakevimes. They launch new name every day. Virus lives only 2-3 days and then it is changed with the new parasite with different name.

It is quite an interesting tactics from the virus developers. For them is very easy to launch the new virus. It takes only few clicks.. And for us… Its a hard, monotonic and spam related job. We need to describe again and again what is posted hundreds of times already. The hardest part is that we can not just copy the same text, change the name of the virus and add it to the database. For such thing our sites can be penalized by google and victims will not be able to find the removal instructions at all.

So we try to describe the same problem with different words.. Here are the removal instruction for the Windows Be-on Guard edition.


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