Surf Control


SurfControl is a legitimate tool, but it can be harmful if used improperly. Surf Control is a network management tool; its main purpose is to filter internet content, to control usage of instant messengers, network shares and other online activities. It’s not meant to do any harm, however you need to be very careful on configuring this tool. Once you set SurfControl to monitor activities on a computer, it’s almost impossible to turn it off. Surf Control may block access to reputable email services, news portals, legitimate websites and other resources that might be vital for business or personal life. So instead of helping user to avoid malwares, SurfControl itself may act like parasite. Use Surf Control removal instructions if this tool has messed up your computer.

2 Responses to “Surf Control”

  1. james says:


    i would like to obtain the general directions for manually removing surfcontrol
    im assuming it just involves deleting some registry keys and maybe changing a few values

    feel free to email me

  2. jj says:

    I would also like to obtain directions for manuelly removing it. your program cant detect surfcontrol and neither can any other one’s I have tried. I’ve removed every registry key With anything to do with surfcontrol yet everytime I try to access internet it says surfcontrol internal error. please help