Sys Defence


Sys Defence is a rogue anti-spyware program that has been infecting computers by promoting itself as a reputable and legitimate application. The tactics used by SysDefence classically follow techniques used by other rogues. It means that just like IGuardPc or Guard Pcs, this badware expects PC users to find out they have been infected only when the money is already paid for its so called “licensed” version.

The installation of Sys Defense is done mostly with the help of Trojans that come through system vulnerabilities with a reason to install its trialware. Once active, the malware will show bogus pop-up ads claiming that victims have security problems. Running fake system scanners and redirections when browsing the web are the main symptoms of SysDefence. Scanners will definitely list imaginary infections and users will be announced to have hundreds of dangerous spyware detected. Such deceptive tactics are supposed to scare people into buying Sys Defence so called “registered” version. However, the fact is that SysDefence is not capable to detetct and remove any spyware. All these malicious processes on the computer are expected to make its victims scared and should lead them into spending their money. Please, remove Sys Defense as soon as you find out that this malware exists on your computer.

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