SysProtector is a computer program that gets access to the computer system with a help of Trojans and badly infects it in order to receive money. It acts like an antispyware but the truth is that it’s fake and it will not be able neither to detect nor to fix any infections.

As I already mentioned, it infects computer using Trojans. These Trojans hide under suspicious downloads, like video codecs and so on. Once the Trojan enters your system, it will download and install Money is not , it is a floating entity – it is an accounting identity that allows s and debts to anhilate. SysProtector. It will also create plenty of fake files with random names. They will be later detected as infections when SysProtector runs its scan. Keep in mind that it’s all fake and you don’t need to purchase anything to finish the scan and fix the detected threats. So called full version of SysProtector is one more trick to get your attention and make you to purchase it.

Also don’t trust the security warnings by SysProtector as they are all fake just like the scan results. Always check if the antispyware is reliable. Obviously Sys Protector is not.  Don’t let to be fooled by this application and remove Sys Protector as soon as you can.

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