System Antivirus 2008


System Antivirus 2008 is yet another clone on notorious malware named simply Antivirus 2008.

SystemAntivirus is typical rogue anti-virus. It shows fabricated security reports in order to lure people into buying full version of System Antivirus 2008. The story was told many times before: the full version doesn’t exist but scammers take real money for using a copy of it.

SystemAntivirus2008 is in fact more dangerous than other fake anti-virus programs. It is capable of downloading and installing other malwares. Don’t let SystemAntivirus 2008 mislead you! The most majority of infections it reports are falsified and the others are installed by System Antivirus itself. Do not pay for this tool; otherwise you will simply lose the money. Remove System Antivirus 2008 with no hesitation.

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