System Armor


System Armor is a rogue anti-spyware utility promoted as a trustful security application which needs to be purchased. The ways of making people purchase it are quite simple: System Armor declares that there have been numerous viruses detected after scanning computer and then tells that its trialware is not capable to fix everything. For removing parasites, users are asked getting a “full” version of System Armor. However, this program is the same that needs to be deleted instead of purchased.

Its infiltration involves the use of Trojans viruses that manage to come through some security vulnerabilities found. When System Armor is inside, it starts annoying the victim with its fake pop-up ads that seem quite trustworthy. In reality, these alerts are false and should never be trusted. Malware also starts “scanning” the system time to time and also announces that viruses are really on the PC.

If you are getting System Armor alerts, system scanners or notifications that appear out of nowhere, be sure that your PC is infected but not with these viruses that are announced. System Armor is the one that needs to be eliminated, so scan with a good anti-spyware or use removal instructions given and delete System Armor.

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