System Fix


System Fix is a fake computer optimization program that belongs to the family of Fake HDD optimizers. The application spreads on computers with a help of Trojans and infiltrates into computers without users’ knowledge. System Fix displays fake security notifications and warns that your system is at risk. When you click on these messages, System Fix program will be started.

Once the program is installed, it will be configured to start automatically with each system reboot. Then System Fix will attempt to scan your system with its fake scanner and warn about a bunch of infections supposedly detected on your system. The program will promise to remove everything if you agree to purchase its full version.

In reality, System Fix only wants to gain your money, but don’t expect it will remove anything. Actually, your system does not have all those problems that System Fix warns you about. The only real infection if System Fix.

Please use a legitimate antispyware program in order to remove System Fix from your system as soon as possible. Do not trust this badware if you don’t want to lose your money.

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