System Lock 2011


System Lock 2011 is a rogue antispyware program that is distributed through Trojan viruses. It’s a creation of cyber criminals who want to gain money quickly and easily. The program imitates a security tool that scans computers and removes system threats.

System Lock 2011 enters computer without user’s knowledge or permission. It is configured to start automatically when computer is rebooted. The scanner imitates to look for computer infections and even displays a list of threats when it finishes. Actually it displays fake threats and then offers purchasing a license of System Lock 2011 in order to activate the program and remove malicious files.

Moreover, you will receive tons of fake pop up ads and security notifications warning that your system is badly infected with tons of malicious files. They also recommend scanning your system or activating System Lock 2011 in order to protect your computer.

Beware that it’s a fake program that only wants to swindle your money away but is not able to provide any computer services. Remove System Lock 2011 from your computer right after its detection on your system.

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