System Recovery


System Recovery is a fake computer optimization program that works by faking certain computer information. Basically, the program states that your computer hard drive has some system problems and Windows Registry issues. In order to fix them, you will be offered to scan your system with a full version of System Recovery.

Once you get infected, you will shortly notice tons of security notifications and pop up ads which will be named as Hard Drive Failure, System Error or Critical Error and later on it will explain that you need to run a system diagnostic utility in order to fix the problem.

System Recovery will also imitate scanning your system for infections, which will also end in asking you to purchase a full version of a program. It will state that your system contains plenty of critical errors and that it requires registry defragmentation.

Please do not trust in this dangerous application. System Recovery has notihng in common with a reputable security tool and it will not fix any of your system errors. It’s a scam application that must be removed ASAP. Use a reliable antispyware program, such as Spyware Doctor or Malwarebytes, and eliminate System Recovery quickly and easily.

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