System Repair virus is nothing else but a fake defragmenter


System Repair virus is a very malicious cyber infection, having nothing in common with legitimate program, which can be used to fix PC’s hard drive. So, if you happen to receive its alert or notification, you should simply ignore it because it can easily steal your money. Classically, it is done by making users purchase the licensed System Repair’s version, which is promised to fix every error found on computer’s hard drive. In reality, licensed version is useless and all these errors that are usually reported by System Repair virus are invented. Be sure, System Repair virus uses malicious scheme, which tries to rip people off. You must remove its trialware instead.

If you want to avoid such programs, please be really careful when opening spam emails or visiting illegal sites. Besides, clicking on links that offer to update you something can also download System Repair virus on your computer. Once inside, malware drops some of its files and adds some registry entries that help it to launch every time PC is rebooted. As a result, System Repair virus starts attacking its victims with fake alerts and scanners.

As I have already said, this program doesn’t have any ability to fix computers. Even more, it may do some damage to PC and compromise user’s privacy by letting other malicious programs on the system. So, you should never ignore this fake PC defragmenter and remove System Repair virus as soon as it starts showing up.

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