System Repair


System Repair is a new application created by computer hackers. It’s a program that imitates a security tool though it is completely useless. System Repair makes changes in your system so that it could completely take control of your system.

System Repair pretends being a security tool and basically imitates all its functions. When you restart your computer it runs a fake scanner. The scanner imitates checking your system for infections and after a while generates a list of supposedly detected infections. The program says that infections can only be removed with a full version of System Repair.

You will also notice that some of your legitimate programs are blocked and you will not be able to run them. This is a consequence of System Repair as well. And the reason of this is to protect itself from being removed, so it usually blocks your security programs too.

Make sure to get rid of System Repair as soon as you notice it on your computer. Don’t trust its scan results or any security notifications pushing you into purchasing System Repair. All of them are fake.

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