System Restore


System Restore is a malicious application that promises to fix all dangerous hard drive errors on your computer. However, in reality it has no capabilities to do that because it has no hard drive scanner and can’t fix anything as well. It actually imitates all hard drive error detection activity and always reports the same issues no matter that PC is different. This malware hails from the same scammers as Data Repair or Data Recovery malwares, that all together share the same looks and malicious tactics.

Just like its earlier versions, System Restore virus is always set /Responsive DesignGoogle can give preferential ratings to individuals sites which have both a desktop and mobile form of an internet site. to start once PC is rebooted, so you will receive its continuous alerts every time you will be trying to use your PC. System Restore will be announcing numerous errors detected and then will offer to purchase license for fixing all these problems. We highly recommend you to avid doing this. System Restore is just another malware that tries to rip you off. Please, remove System Restore malware once you notice it on your computer.

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