System Security 2011


System Security 2011 is a new rogue antivirus program that belongs to the same malware family as OpenCloud Security. The application uses fake security notifications and pop up ads to make computer users think that there is something wrong happening on their systems. The infection is promoted using malicious websites and with a help of Trojan viruses. The application gets inside without users permission.

First of all the program starts its scanner which only looks like scanning the system but in fact it is not able to do anything. Even the list of the infections detected on your system is falsified. System Security 2011 only wants to make you believe that your system is online pokies infected with numerous infections.

Moreover, you will hardly be able to browse the Internet as you will be constantly redirected to the websites that you never wanted to visit. Besides, some of the programs will stop responding properly and you will receive more warnings saying that your system is infected and promoting System Security 2011 as a tool to remove malicious files from your system.

Please use a reputable antispyware program to eliminate System Security 2011 and all other infections that could exist on your system.


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