SystemCleanerPRO is a rouge antispyware that simulates to be a real antispyware program. It has been designed to collect computer users’ money by selling licenses of a fake antispyware program. SystemCleaner PRO mainly uses trojans to be downloaded and installed into computer. Once it gets there it makes your computer  run very slowly and attacks with hundreds of pop up ads. These pop-ups keep alerting that you have a spyware infiltration, etc. Another extremely annoying thing is fake virus scanners that disturb even if you’re in the middle of your computer session. SystemCleaner PRO scanners don’t detect any real infections. It only shows files that were created by the same Trojan. However, these files are not infections and they don’t harm your system. Don’t trust any of such notifications.

The most important is to ignore the recommendation to purchase a full version of SystemCleaner PRO. It will not provide any of the computer protection services. SystemCleaner PRO is not a reputable program to use. If you detected it on your computer, get rid of SystemCleanerPRO as soon as possible. Don’t forget to scan your computer with a reliable antispyware to check if no other malware is in your system.

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