Don’t let SystemCop fool you! SystemCop is a recently created parasite which looks like SaveKeep, SaveSoldier, BlockDefence or SaveDefence. All these five rogue applications are very similar one to another and were made by scammers to seek the only goal – push you into purchasing the “full” version. Do not fall into this mess and get rid of SystemCop right after detection because after paying the money you will get nothing but useless security tool.
Just like many other parasites, this one sneaks into the PC secretly after some security holes are found. When it is in, SystemCop starts irritating actions which are fake system scans, misleading reports about tons of parasites found and annoying pop up ads which promote the commercial version. Don’t agree paying for SystemCop! I would highly recommend you using the removal guide which is listed bellow to get rid of SystemCop immediately.

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