SystemDefender is a new fraud that appeared on web last week. It is computer parasite, but it’s not capable of infecting computers by it self. SystemDefender must be downloaded and installed manually to work. You may ask who wants to download malware. The reason people download SystemDefender is fraudulent advertising. SystemDefender is promoted as legitimate spyware remover although it is pretty useless. Once installed SystemDefender displays fake error reports and spyware alerts to convince user of bad infection. This tactics leads people into purchasing full version of the SystemDefender.
SystemDefender is not capable of scanning a computer nor removing threats. Do not download this malware! If you have already installed this parasite, follow SystemDefender removal. SystemDefender can’t be removed through uninstall option or from ‘Add/Remove programs’ list.

One Response to “SystemDefender”

  1. Serhat Ekemen says:

    I’m a costumer your web site . I have deleted your programme from my PC by mistake .
    Would you help me install again?