Terrifying Cerber virus keeps rampaging


If you haven’t heard about Cerber virus yet, you should arm up with the knowledge to protect yourself against it. The main destructive power of this menace lies in its ability to encrypt personal files. Unfortunately, it employs an exquisite encoding technique, i.e., mathematically strong algorithm to finish its misdeed. Recently, the virus reemerged with a few important updates.

Firstly, the virus has been nicknamed “the virus which speaks” due to its tendency to drop an audio file along with data recovery instructions. The female voice repeatedly alarms a victim of his encrypted files. In addition, the virus has been spotted traveling via infected voicemail messages.

The second update involves Cerber’s ability to connect your computer to a botnet. It is a network of computers which automatically spread the ransomware infection. Thus, users who decline to pay the ransom, risk their PCs being attached to this malicious network. By no means, we do not suggest transmitting the money nor behaving in any other way which might be useful for the hackers.

Thirdly, IT specialists have revealed that the latest version of Cerber ransomware includes a new peculiarity entitled as “malware factory.” This automatized process creates new versions of the malware every 15 seconds. Thus, finding suitable decryption techniques becomes more challenging than ever before. The virus is also spotted launching DDoS (distributed denial of service). This phenomenon comes as the fake messages which warn users of inability to access certain websites.

Cerber disperses via spam emails. You might spot an email which is seemingly sent from a delivery service or fake invoice. Even it contains the title of an officially existing institution, do not rush to open it. Taking into account the recent updates, it is of utmost importance to improve the security of your operating system. Install a powerful anti-spyware program which will be able to guard your PC against any threats. It can also help you to perform Cerber ransomware removal.

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