TeslaCrypt virus: aggressive and frightening


While jumping from one website to another, you might not have a clue about TeslaCrypt virus attempting to invade your computer. This virus is classified as ransomware. It is set to lock out your most precious data stored on your computer. Moreover, in order access it, you are demanded to pay a subtle amount of money. The starting sum is 500 USD. If you intend to pay the money, note making a transaction doesn’t increase the chances of retrieving the information. Therefore, we are here to help you get rid of this threat.

TeslaCrypt sprung to life in the middle of 2015. Since then, several updated versions, varying in degree of complexity and inflicted damage, have been released. The latest: TeslaCrypt 3.0, TeslaCrypt 4.0. In the beginning, cyber security specialists did not encounter any problems to stop the virus, since it used relatively easy algorithm, as it mainly attacked gamers. However, after a time, cyber criminals progressed and removed existing flaws by perfecting the ransomware into a current state.

As a result, TeslaCrypt has managed to infiltrate millions of computers worldwide due to its complexity and distribution method. The virus travels via infected email attachments. Beware that any format—either .doc. exe or .scr, can be added. If you open the file, TeslaCrypt activates itself and starts searching for the files to lock them out. After several minutes or hours (depending on the CPU speed and hard drive storage), you see a note popping up in front of your screen declaring of the wrecking news – all your personal files have been encrypted.

So what can you do to prevent this ransomware? Firstly, you ought to be vigilant and restrain from recklessly opening any emails even if they are seemingly sent from legitimate companies or institutions. Secondly, you should back up your files regularly. You need to be cautious since the concept of security  becomes quite fragile while surfing online. Thirdly, in order to remove TeslaCrypt, you should install a reliable anti-malware program which detects and eliminates the virus in a few minutes. You might try manual removal, but use the instructions exclusively provided by cyber security specialists.

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